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Leopard Pair

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$6,120.00 USD
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$6,120.00 USD

Add exotic flair to your home with this stunning Art Deco Leopard Pair sculpture. This beautifully stylised sculpture features two playful wild cats and has a shiny bronze patina finish. It is mounted on a rectangular base.


  • 33.86" x 3.74" x 9.45" H


  • Bronze


Patinated bronze and copper sculptures add elegance to your interior while highlighting your own individual style. By carefully cleaning and maintaining patina finishes, you'll enjoy your sculptures for many years to come.


Regularly dust your sculpture with a feather duster, a synthetic electrostatic duster, or a soft clean cloth or microfiber towel. If the sculpture develops a grimy film, more intense cleaning may be necessary. The best way to clean patinated bronze or copper sculptures is with mild soap and water.

Never use caustic chemicals containing ammonium, chlorine, solvents, or adhesive removers. Avoid paper towels, squeegees, steel wool, scouring pads, and the like.

To clean a patinated bronze or copper sculpture, add a few drops of mild household soap to a bowl of water. Use a small amount of soap (just enough to make a few bubbles) as all you really want to do is loosen the dirt from the patinated surface. Next, dampen a clean cloth and gently wipe down the object. If the piece has lots of nooks and crevices, a soft paint brush might be helpful.

Once the sculpture is clean, rinse the cloth with clean water and wipe the object down to remove the soap residue. Use the paint brush to clean any areas that are hard to reach. Carefully dry the sculpture with a soft dry cloth or microfiber towel.