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Chair Olsen

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Reclined for ultimate comfort, Chair Olsen will turn relaxing into your favourite pastime. Slender yet strong, the brushed brass finish frame adds an industrial edge to the curvaceous seat. Its generous padding creates an inviting and soft cushioning while the durable bouclé cream upholstery gives it cuddliness.


Please note that the reference dimensions are indicated as follows:

A. 26.97" | B. 34.65" | C. 30.31" | D. 21.65" | E. 16.54" | F. 21.26"

All dimensions mentioned in the descriptions are approximate and subject to change (with a tolerance of 2 percent).

  • A 26,97
  • B 34,65
  • C 30,31
  • D 21,65
  • E 16,54
  • F 21,26


  • Fabric
  • Pine Wood
  • Plywood
  • Webbing (nylon)
  • Polyurethane foam
  • Dacron
  • Metal zig zag springs 
  • Stainless steel


Fabric composition      81% polyester | 19% acrylic



Whether your upholstered furnishings are purely decorative or serve functional and stylish purposes, the careful cleaning and maintenance of fabric provides for long-term satisfaction.

There are a few basic rules for getting the most out of your fabric seat and ensuring its longevity:

  • Do not place your seat near a functioning fireplace.
  • Avoid exposure to excessive sunlight.
  • Be careful with jeans that can stain fabric as these stains may be permanent.
  • Keep away from pets with sharp claws and other sharp objects (e.g. nails, buckles, etc.).

Routine maintenance helps keep your upholstered furniture in perfect condition. Vacuum the upholstery regularly to keep the fabric in good condition and prevent dust, hair, and crumbs from settling into the body of the furniture. Be careful with fringes and tassels: vacuum on a low setting only.

Remove accidental stains as soon as possible but never with harsh soaps or detergents. In the case of an old and dried-up stain, the first step is always to vacuum.

For stain removal, use a specialized stain cleaner such as HG Stain Remover or a similar product. Always follow the instructions on the packaging and test the product first on a less conspicuous part of the upholstery. 

Regularly hand-fluff and reverse cushions to maintain their original softness and springiness.