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Artificial Candle deep ø 10 x H. 21 cm Set of 2

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Lighting candles in your home is the best way to spark romance. Create a warm and cosy atmosphere in your home with this beautiful set of 2 deep Artificial Candles. They are indistinguishable from real wax candles and they don’t drip candle grease. You only need to put in a tea light (not included).


  • 3.94" dia x 8.27" H


  • Polyethylene



Our artificial candles are actually tealight holders. With burning tealights inside, they look exactly like lit candles.

Safety Instructions

  • Only use the tealights found in stores with aluminum casing.
  • Never place a tealight in the holder without its aluminum casing.
  • Make sure the tealight is placed horizontally in the tealight holder.
  • Always keep burning tealights a safe distance from one another.
  • Closed containers should offer ample ventilation (like lanterns).
  • Protect the tealight holder from wind and drafts.
  • Never fill the tealight or holder with flammable liquids (e.g. petroleum or bioethanol).

Our artificial candles are made from plastic and can be cleaned in the dishwasher (make sure you remove the tealights before placing the candles in the dishwasher).

If wax from the tealight has spilled over into the artificial candle, remove this wax before placing the candle in the dishwasher. Remove the tealight and place the artificial candle in the freezer for an hour. Remove the candle from the freezer and scrape off the frozen wax using the edge of a credit card.