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Arlyn Etagere

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$3,870.00 USD
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$5,172.00 USD
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$3,870.00 USD

Unique oval shaped legs create a new take on modern rustic styling for this etagere.W: 40.25 in   D: 18 in   H: 86 in.

About this item

The Arlyn etagere is simple and elegant, designed with a perfectly balanced symmetry. Unique oval legs are set at an angle to support five shelves. The design is crafted of white oak in a Flaxen finish.


  • Flaxen finish on oak wood
  • Adjustable glides
  • Anti-tip kit
  • Specifications subject to change without notice


    Casegoods Care & Cleaning

    Each piece of Bernhardt furniture is created to provide exceptional performance with minimal care. Attention to a few basic points will help you protect your investment.

    • Fine wood furniture should not be exposed to extreme heat or humid conditions, such as placing it near a heat outlet or an open window. Try to avoid direct sunlight which may cause certain finishes to fade.
    • Do not place plastic, rubber or hot objects directly on a wood finish. Chemicals in plastic and some rubber may soften or discolor the finish if left in contact with the furniture for a period of time. To avoid these markings, place a strip of felt, leather or cork under accessories.
    • Remove household dust with a soft, clean cloth, dusting with the grain. The cloth may be dampened with a furniture dusting-aid product, or a furniture care polish may be used. Follow the manufacturer’s directions on the product. Avoid products that leave an oily film on the furniture since they may cause a clouding of the finish and have a tendency to collect dust.
    • Every six months or so, there may be a need or desire for a more thorough cleaning of wood furniture. The furniture may be washed with a mild soap intended for that purpose or a furniture cleaning product available in most grocery stores. Following the directions on the product, use a soft cloth and wipe with the grain.
    • Occasional polishing with a high quality, non-silicone furniture polish will enhance the beauty of the fine Bernhardt finish. Avoid using oily polishes or waxes.
    • Spilled liquids should be wiped from the surface immediately with a soft, slightly damp cloth, in the direction of the wood grain.
    • Over time, scratches from normal use may be noticed on furniture. These can be touched up with a scratch remover or special touch-up pens/sticks available at your furniture dealer.
    • For stone, metal and other non-wood surfaces, wipe off anything that spills immediately by blotting, avoid setting beverages on these surfaces, do not use abrasive cleaners and use felt pads under object that may scratch.